It will take about an hour or maybe more, depending on your mood. If you go to Rastoke through Zrinski and Frankopan square, you will pass the Holy Trinity Church near the Slunjčica river. As soon as you start to descend, you will see a memorial plaque dedicated to Milan Neralić, a fencer born in Slunj, who was the first Croatian Olympic medallist in Paris in 1900.

A few minutes later the path will take you along the river Slunjčica to the Old fort of Slunj, which had been the residence of the families Frankopan and Zrinski for centuries. A few hundred steps away you will see the former Napoleon Magazine. Depending on your fitness and will, you can continue your hike through the forest Jelvik until you reach the Korana river. You can return to Rastoke by taking a walk on the left bank of the river and closely observe the waterfalls, which are the main reason why Rastoke are called the Small Lakes of Plitvice. 








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